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--Hi Everyone. Are you looking for a reliable and US-based vendor to expand your hair business? And wanting to offer your clients the best quality hair? Herhairworld is here, definitely can help to build up your clientele and bring your more orders!

--Wig Deals & Bundle Deals for your choosing, various texture and length are available. If you don't want to have it shipped, we can provide Dropshipping Service for your orders!

--For more details, please contact:

Email :[email protected]

iMessage/WhatsApp Number:+86-13416209411


3 Grade Bundles Sample Wig Sample

$29 $129

BUSINESS SUPPORT-Packaging & Branding

Packaging is a crucial conditions that cannot be neglected. It is also an important marketing strategy to glamorize your hair extensions in order to attract the consumer’s attention. “Brand” is the name, term, design, symbol or any other features that identify your products distinct from those of other sellers. Herhairworld has a professional design team that can design the packaging to match your market niche.

Herhairworld Dropshipping Service

---We can help you design logo for free, and design labels, tags and package bags etc.
---We can help you attach your logo labels and do dropshipping for your customers. Without Herhairworld logo.
---We can help you build your Shopify website, and help you upload more than 100 hair products that you can sell on your website.Save Time & Save Money.

Shopify Hair Website Building

Online shopping is the most fashionable and fastest way to shop at present. Recently, the hair market is really hot. the most effective way to start selling hair extension is selling online. If you have an online store, people can buy your hair with just a website link., and the hair online store profit is very huge if you do well. Also, it can relatively decrease cost and risk. Nowadays, website is really popular and most merchants would like to sell hair online. GET A WEBSITE! GRASP THE CHANCE!!!

More than just a hair supplier, HERHAIRWORLD is a premier hair trading and manufacturer, but also your reliable partner in growing your hair business. As a Shopify partner, we can build professional website for our wholesale customers. What we can do for you includes website design, professional product images, product pricing, product description, etc. The whole team at HERHAIRWORLD is here to guide you along the way and help you grow your business.

We have 7 website templates for your choice. You can choose one of them as yours.(
You can click the link directly.The password is 123456)

2. https://herhairworldsample2.myshopify.com/

3. https://herhairworldsample3.myshopify.com/

4. https://herhairworld-sample4.myshopify.com/

5. https://herhairworldsample5.myshopify.com/

6. https://herhairworldsample6.myshopify.com/

7. https://herhairworldsample7.myshopify.com/

All our team will try our best to meet your need. There is always one for you. Here is the template 1, please check it out dear. The whole webpage mainly departed into 4 parts. From the header to the footer, namely the slideshow banners, collection section and two hot selling products display sections. All the pictures play around in a distinctive way, thus the whole webpage is eye-catching. With our professional design, once your customers click into your website link, they can look through a wide variety of products and place orders directly!

It’s our great honor that we can work with you. Our design team have 12 people, and will help you build your own website together. Website building contains a lot of work content, it takes us a couple of days to finish. Now I would like to explain more details of the website building.

1, We need to draft all the pictures and crop them to look more professional, then make some attractive banners.

2, We need to upload the pictures one by one on your website, then set up the prices of each product's length one by one! And set up all the products' name one by one.

3,Set up the collections and set up the navigation. Classify all products so that your customers can quickly view the product categories they want.

4,Help you uopload the banners. And set up the shipping & returns policy page, contact us page. It can help your clients quickly understand the policies of your website and also quickly contact you to know more about.

After finishing the preliminary work, we will start design the webpages and set it up. We will try our best to finish the website as soon as possible.

After we finished your website: we will transfer the ownership of the website to you.And you need to pick a plan to pay the monthly fee to shopify.($29-$39/Month)
(Each website need to be seen and run on Internet. It need to pay monthly fee to platform. This is normal. Even you go to other platform to build website. It is same situation.)

Finally, you need to add the payment method that can receive the payment from your customers and you can start your business online.

And when people ordered on your website:
if your customer's order happens to be in stock, then you can find a local courier company to help you ship it directly.

And if you don't have stock on hand,then you can contact our salesmen, and send them your customers order list,shipping information. They will send you invoice for you to pay. After payment they will arrange shipping to your customers directly. And send you the tracking number.
Finally, you need to fill in the tracking number on the order.
And the money will be automatically transferred to your account after your customer received the hair.

We have 3 different plans: Lightning Plan, Basic Plan, Upgrade Plan. 50% off now!!You can according your needs to choose the most satisfactory plan!

--For more details, please contact:
Email :[email protected]

iMessage/WhatsApp Number:+86-13416209411